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Do you know if sunblock is ok to put on a horse?

Do you know if sunblock is ok to put on a horse?“Hi Stacy! I have a overo paint with a really white face and last summer he got burnt pretty bad. Do you know if sunblock is ok to put on a horse? I put a fly mask but that only covers half his face. What would you recommend?”-Amy S.

He is very cute and I can see how that nose could be at risk. Years ago I had a horse in training that had a history of burning his nose. The vet recommend sunblock. I can’t remember what brand we used because the owner brought some with him. They basically said that if it was safe for kids it was safe for horses.
I bet there are many other people out there who have horses who have faced this same challenge. If you have ever dealt with this before please leave a comment telling us how you prevented burns. Have you used sunblock on your horse? What type?
Is there anything else you would recommend?

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Stops with Stacy: Horses, campfires and breakfast at Miracle Mountain Ranch

Horses, campfires and food…now that’s a great way to start the day!

My kids have gone to summer camp at Miracle Mountain Ranch for the last three years and have returned raving about the ‘BTR’ also known as the ‘breakfast trail ride’.  Jesse and I had attended a marriage retreat years ago but it was during the winter and didn’t include a ‘BTR’.

The ranch invited us to stop by so we moved in a few weeks ago (be careful when inviting homeless friends over). We have enjoyed all of our time here in Corry, Pennsylvania. We spent time with full time staff that we have known for years and also had the privilege of getting to know many of the students and even some of the campers…

…and I was able to attend my first ‘BTR’.


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Lights out at summer camp…

Miracle Mountain Ranch

The Westfall’s visit Miracle Mountain Ranch during summer camp!

A bell just rang signaling ‘lights out’…councilors are making their rounds…

We left Ohio this morning after spending three weeks and we arrived this evening for a three week stay in Pennsylvania…at a summer camp!

More on this tomorrow…I think I hear a councilor coming…gotta go!


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What are your plans for the summer with your horse?

On one of our trips from Texas to Ohio we stopped at a truck stop near Joplin, MO and visited the Caribou Coffee. We each took turns writing our summer Caribou Coffeeplans on the board…and I drew our logo just to ‘leave our mark’.

Memorial Day generally kicks off the summer season with our horses. Does it with yours? What plans do you have? Will you show or trail ride or go for a drive in a cart? Will you be inspired and start your first colt or will you schedule time to take your old pal for a ride even though you haven’t for the last couple of years?

Maybe you have a destination you have always dreamed of going; riding on the beach somewhere or riding an Icelandic in Iceland!

I have kicked off my summer already by showing Newt and Jac as well as doing some trail riding here in Texas. I want to ride at a few different state parks over the summer (any suggestions?) as well as riding the trails in PA and ME. I would also like to visit at least one ‘horse camp ground’ where they have trails, arenas and cabins to stay in…again, any suggestions?

Here’s to a happy, horsey summer.


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