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Starbucks Pony Espresso: Riding My Horse, Newt, Thru the Drive Thru

In Norco, California we found horse trails that lead us right up to the drive thru! Norco is considered ‘Horse Town USA’ and horses are given a wide range of privileges that other cities may not allow. Many of the shops have pens, like the one shown in the video, to tie your horse…but we opted for the ‘ride-thru’ instead.


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McDonalds: ‘drive-thru’ vs ‘ride-thru’ with a horse!

Upon arriving in Norco, California I announced, “I want to do all the tourist things I can with a horse!”

Riding through the McDonalds drive through was just one of the things I had to do. We have already ridden to several tack stores, took a package to FedEx, and ridden by some unusual things…including a potbelly pig! I hear there is an ostrich just south of me….I wonder what Newt will think about that?

My only problem now is…so many drive throughs in Norco…and so little time! I’m going to have to eat and drink every hour just to fit all of my tourist adventures in. I wonder if I can get a latte? Pony Expresso?




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I need to deliver a package. FedEx or Pony Express: BOTH!

I’m in Norco, California which is also known as ‘Horse Town USA’ where they say you can ride your horse pretty much everywhere. The city has built sidewalks for horses that run beside the roads throughout town.

But could I ride my ‘pony’ down to the FedEx office and mail my package?

Yep. Here’s the video!


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