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Will us (fans) ever see you doing another bridleless/bareback routine?

“Will us (fans) ever see you doing another bridleless/bareback routine??…. I remember seeing a video someone posted on youtube (you/Roxy/Maggie) … Templeton Thompson was singing your song…… but then Roxy died and then Vaquero and I guess Maggie is retired…. so I was wondering if you have given up on that dream… or have you even thought about at all?”-Lesia Lowe

I am a big believer that when the time is right, things will happen. My job is to be prepared. I don’t know if another bareback/bridleless routine will happen again or not. As you saw in the video with Roxy and Maggie (below) I was experimenting with this as a possibility. I wasn’t sure if I could ever get it to a show level…but Maggie never recovered from a suspensory injury that she sustained running in the pasture and we turned her into a broodmare. Did you realize that Maggie is Newt’s mom?

I work my horses and give them opportunities but they get to make choices too. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t. I don’t lose sleep over it but I don’t sit on the couch thinking it will ‘just happen’ either. I work and then let the chips fall where they may…thats the mystery of life. I’m starting Newt’s two year old half sister right now (another Maggie baby) and I have plans to ride more of Roxy’s granddaughters.

I don’t know where life will lead…two years ago if you told me I would be living full time in a motor home I would have laughed at you…but I did leave the door open 🙂


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What color will a paint produce? Why is the foal a solid color? What is homozygous?

paint and foalThis photo showed up on my Facebook page with the question, “Why didn’t the mare have a pinto foal?”

Color is a complicated subject most of the time. I wrote a blog about what colors Roxy produced which also included a link to a “coat color calculator” which is an interesting tool to play with.

If one of the horses involved is homozygous for a dominant color or color trait then things get a little easier because you can guarantee that all the foals produced will carry that trait. In paint horses it is possible to have a homozygous paint but just because a horse is a paint doesn’t guarantee it will produce color. The paint horse shows even have classes for solid Paint bred horses.

Here is a link to a page about what creates a homozygous Paint horse. I also found this page that has some great info on homozygous or not homozygous as it relates to many colors including black, dun, roan and gray…it is an interesting read.

If predicting color were easy I would be a happy camper! Someday I want to have a painted reining horse but for now I am sticking with versions of dun due to genetics. Why do I say this? Because Roxy’s mother was a dun and all the foals she produced, except Roxy, were black pointed duns. Roxy’s sister, Maggie, shown in the video below has produced 100% duns so far with Newt being a red dun and all others being black pointed duns.



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