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Hey Stacy, I was wondering, is 21 too old to teach some of the stuff in your videos?

“Hey Stacy, I was wondering, is 21 too old to teach some of the stuff in your videos? As I have a 21 year-old I’d love to do more work with. Thanks.” -Lydia S.

One of my refrigerator magnets.

One of my refrigerator magnets.

I was asked this question years ago by a young girl around the age of 13. She owned a  20+ year old horse. I told her that how much she accomplish would depend on her persistence and consistency and some on her horses willingness. She watched my demos at the expo and before it was over she bought my Bridleless riding DVD.

Several months later I received an email from her.  She sent me a link to a video where she was riding her horse bridleless! The horse was clearly a 4H type horse so her pattern looked more like a horsemanship pattern and her ‘rollbacks’ were simple pivots…but it was AWESOME! One young persistent girl and one older horse. I wish I still had that video link but all of this happened back in 2006 and the computer it was on died. I didn’t have anything backed up so it took all the info with it 😦

I can’t say exactly how far the stuff will take you…but I will tell you that it IS VERY POSSIBLE!


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Stacy Westfall lives in our downstairs bathroom…teaching your horse whoa and sliding stops

“Stacy-Do you suggest only attempting sliding, short sliding, stops with horses bred for reining? Or, can most quarter horses slide short distances…and if so how do you teach the horse to get his hind legs under him for better stops?- Georgia D.”
*                                  *                                  *
Georgia, Each horse will vary in ability to perform the sliding stop. ‘Stock’ horses, QH, Paints, Appaloosas are more well known for this but many breeds can perform some form of sliding stops. The Arabian shows are promoting reining and many Arabs are participating. I have seen Morgans, Halflingers and others that could slide. Some horses are built for the slide to be easier for them and some mentally want to slide more than others.
A strong example comes from someone who at one time had the same question. Let me introduce you to Susan and Chloe. Susan had similar questions but read below what she ‘discovered.’  Susan’s horse is Chloe. Chloe is half paint and half saddlebred. Susan did all of the ‘whoa’ training by following my DVD’s. She says, “I particularly like your Whoa video on this stopping subject. (and your explanation that) A horse should stop with all three cues and each one work individually100 % of the time.”   The following is written by Susan:
*                     *                                   *                                  *
“Chloe stops are fabulous!  I have had people ask me how did you get her to do that!  Of course I let them in on my secret, Stacy Westfall lives in my down stairs bathroom.  Let me explain….  Prior to Chloe being broke to ride I spent 1 1/2 years on ground work, watching and re-watching your video’s.  Every Saturday and Sunday I would get up go down stairs and pop in one of your video’s.  My husband every weekend would hear you downstairs over and over and as he put it “I thought Stacy Westfall lived in our downstairs bathroom”
Funny!  Anyway please stop by anytime and I explain to everyone how I got Chloe so lite and responsive is by watching your videos over and over.-Susan”
Check out this video of Chloe sliding. The rider is Brittany Ray, Susan’s friend. Susan and Brittany both attended a clinic with Stacy together:)


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Win a DVD! Website Rebuild…what do you like in a website?

I am currently rebuilding my website and would love your feedback. I know what I like and dislike about sites when I visit them. I like good information,search buttons and photos. I also know my site could be improved. What do you like or dislike about websites when you visit them?

  • pictures-lots or few?
  • search button
  • members only section
  • about us page
  • shopping page
  • contact page
  • FAQ page


I am also guilty of not sending out newsletters like I should…I know this because some of you email me and ask me ‘why haven’t I received an email’?

What do you like to have in a newsletter?

Full DVD is available now call 1-800-648-1121

Leave your ideas for a chance to win this DVD!

  • upcoming events
  • sale items
  • videos
  • private ‘member’ only section
  • contests?

I also like contests. I do! I’m a sucker for a gift card or other prizes for answering questions.

In keeping with that thought I am going to give away three Jac DVD’s to people who leave comments below this post offering their insights. If you just post ‘hello’ or something…that won’t count but if you leave ideas you will be entered into a random drawing!


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Stacy’s Video Diary: Jac- Episode 31- A horse with one year of training

Jac entered training in March of 2013. This footage was filmed over several rides in March 2014, one year later. Total Training Time 120-125 hours

This video does a great job showing Jac’s physical training; lead changes, spins, slides and general understanding. What it doesn’t show as well is the mental connection.  To see that you need to watch Episode 26 or Episode 12 which explained what happened at the beginning of Episode 9 and then for a good laugh you can watch Jac drag me all over the place back in Episode 3. The things that happen ‘in the barn’; the mistakes, the questions the horse asks, how the trainer handles the horse and how the horses respond to the training often tells you more about the relationship than the ‘show footage’ will.

The purpose in sharing Jac’s story was to give insight into the training methods that I use. I do not claim that they are the only way to train a horse but they are a good representation my way of training. I do believe that the videos captured many of the moments that I have always wanted to share with people.

Working with Jac has also been a very personally touching tribute to Roxy. The  footage at 5:45 gave me chills…and again at 8:09.

“If you’ve ever wondered how Roxy and I achieved the partnership that we did … Jac’s journey will show you. All horses deserve to have this foundation and it is never too late to build it.”-Stacy Westfall


For those of you who have been wondering and waiting….YES! The DVD is here!

It is so new and hot-off-the-press that there isn’t even a web-link yet but if you want to order the full 7 hour DVD for $99.99 you can call 1-800-648-1121.

Stacy Westfall, Jac, full 7 hour DVD is available now call 1-800-648-1121, to order.

Full 7 hour DVD is available now call 1-800-648-1121, to order. $99.99


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Help name the ‘Jac’ DVD set!

Are you feeling creative today? The ‘Jac’  DVD is on the way…but I am stuck on the name.

Here is a rough idea of the cover to get your creative juices flowing…

This needs a name!

What would you name this DVD set?


Wow, I really butchered the cover trying to write those words on the screen…lol

The goal is to have the set available in April  in DVD form including additional footage that has never been aired.

Some current ideas are:

  • Stacy’s Video Diary: Training a horse the first year (featuring Jac and Stacy Westfall)
  • Stacy’s Westfall step by step video guide to the first year
  • Stacy’s Video Diary: Jac   –   Training a horse-the first year



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Horse training videos online? Do you like the idea? Already use it? Dislike it?

I need your opinion, will you participate?

If my training DVD’s were available to stream online would that interest you? It would be like renting, or buying, a movie online…the videos would not be mailed to you.

Please leave your feedback, or experience with this type of thing below in the comments.


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Black Friday DVD sale prices on Stacy Westfall DVD’s

BLACK FRIDAY sale on Stacy Westfall DVD’s, now through Monday.

Dvd’s starting as low as $13.99. Free shipping on orders over $75.00.

The full set of DVD’s has OVER 14 HOUR of teaching for only $179.99.

Or check out Stacy’s teaching for only $13.99 by ordering ‘Teaching Your Horse to Bow’.

Visit and click Westfall Horsemanship at the top of the page!

Or call Stagecoach West at 1-800-648-1121

All of Stacy Westfall DVD's

Full set of Stacy Westfall DVD’s

Stacy Westfall: Teaching your horse to bow

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