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Championship vs Horsemanship written by Jesse Westfall

I’ve heard it said that the highest level of everything has a dark side. Whether you’re talking about athletics, business, government or the horse industry. The can someone be a champion and a good horseman?greed that we have as people is a sad thing to witness. To achieve something and show the world what we are is important to us and to do so leads lots of people to running over someone or something else to accomplish something. It might be winning a championship or gaining wealth. Trying to gain or achieve fame and fortune can be an ugly thing to witness.

I’m in the horse industry so that is where I see it the most. It could be someone trying to get someone else’s client to send them their horses or it could be just the general abuse of the animals in order to win. It could be a popular clinician taking a lesser known clinicians idea and putting it on their television show and claiming they came up with it. The list goes on and on. Can someone be a champion and a good horseman? I think the answer is yes but the championships won’t come as often and it’s a fine line to walk.


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What is the difference between a horseman and a horse trainer? Written by Jesse Westfall

“I’ve been around a lot of people that ride horses. I’ve been around people that ride reining horses, cow horses, natural horsemanship and a multitude of other disciplines. There are many people that can get a horse to do what they want. Some of them can train or teach a horse quickly and others slowly. Some use harsh methods and others use soft methods. The thing that I see that separates a horseman from a horse trainer is that the horseman allows the horse to keep his dignity and the horse still likes the horseman in the end.” -Jesse Westfall

The thing that I see that separates a horseman from a horse trainer is that the horseman allows the horse to keep his dignity and the horse still likes the horseman in the end." -Jesse Westfall


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Creating Jac: selecting bloodlines for performance reining horses

2013 NRHA sires Quarter Horse NewsMy husband is one of those guys, you know, the ones who know all the stats from their favorite football team including the past, present and up-and-coming. He doesn’t only do this for his sports team though…he does it with reining horses too.

His knowledge of reining horses-past, present and up-and-coming is quite amazing. He loves analyzing bloodlines and performance records. I give him credit for creating Roxy, Vaquero, Jac and many other great horses because he chose the combination of sire and dam resulting in those horses being foaled.

Today Jesse showed me some interesting statistics from the April 2014 Quarter Horse News. The first thing he showed me was the chart in the photo. These are the top sires in the NRHA in 2013 based on how much their offspring won in 2013.

Jac (Jac’s Electric Whiz) is by Jacs Electric Spark who is number 4 on the list. What Jesse was pointing out though was how high Jacs Electric Spark average was. For example the first sire, Wimpys Little Step, had 359 foals show last year.  They earned $1,429,148 bringing their average to $3,981.00.

Jac’s Electric Spark averaged $6,273.00.

On another page of the News were statistics on Maternal Grandsires, which is the sire of the mother. Jac’s mother was Whizards Baby Doll who was by Whizard Jac.

Whizard Jac was ranked number 16 on this list BUT his average was higher than any of the 15 horses above him on the list.

Keep in mind that Jesse chose to create Jac four years ago. Not bad Jess, not bad at all.



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Stacy’s Video Diary Jac-Episode 34-How a horse responds to a new rider.

Total training time: 143 hours

At some point in their lifetime most horses are ridden by more than one rider. Up to this point I am the only one who has ridden Jac. In today’s episode my husband, Jesse, will ride Jac for the first time.

I explain that I am planning on taking a trip and if Jac goes with me- he won’t be ridden consistently.  I am considering leaving Jac for Jesse to ride while I am gone to allow Jac’s training to continue without the interruption of the trip.

Jac’s mother, Roxy a.k.a. Whizards Baby Doll, was trained by Stacy as a two year old and then Jesse trained and showed her as a three year old. Stacy then trained and showed Roxy as a four and five year old.

Jesse states in the video, “Everyone rides a little different…we’re built different, we feel different to the horse…maybe one uses their legs a little stronger, we sit maybe a little different, so it feels different to the horse so they are going to respond different…”

My favorite line is when Jesse says, “Jac might get a little confused…and that’s ok, he won’t get in trouble for that…”

At 6:00 you can hear the dialog between Stacy and Jesse as Jesse is riding Jac. The ‘break of gait’ is in reference to Stacy showing Jac in Episode 32.

These differences between rider cues are often more evident in a horse that has only been ridden by one rider. As horses get accustom to having multiple riders they can learn to adjust quickly and the transition can become seamless.

At 7:40 I make a reference to seeing negative consequences to switching trainers frequently. This isn’t to be confused with switching riders; one person trail riding one day and a different person trail riding the next day. It refers to very active teaching and training. This ‘transition’ is also less exaggerated as the horse becomes more seasoned; older or more experienced horses handle the transitions between trainers better than younger/greener horses.

Watch as Jac performs flying lead changes, stops, circles and spins with a different rider. Pay attention to the fact that the ‘problems’ Jesse has are Jac’s normal response-just more frequent; Jac broke gait with me in the show…Jac tries breaking gait frequently with Jesse. This is an indicator that Jac tends to be on the lazier side and tends to default to stoping. This is interesting to keep in mind and compare to the other information we have gathered about Jac over the series.


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T-H-I-N-K before you speak…written by Jesse Westfall

THINK final

T H I N K is it Thoughtful, Honest, Intelligent, Necessary, and Kind?

All through my life I’ve struggled with the words that come out of my mouth. In last weeks blog I talked about how “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”. What I want to talk about this week is how to control what comes out of our mouths. I learned this acronym somewhere along the way.
The acronym is THINK before you speak and it stands for-
T- Thoughtful
H- Honest
I- Intelligent
N- Necessary
K- Kind

If I think about this before I say something and what I’m about to say fits into this acronym and all these words then it’s probably ok to say. If what I’m about to say doesn’t fit all these words then it’s either not Thoughtful, Honest, Intelligent, Necessary or Kind and I probably shouldn’t say it.
I was reading the book of James this morning and read about how important controlling the tongue is. It talks about how the tongue is the rudder that steers our ship. I hope you will go look for it, you can find it in the book of James in chapter 3. So remember how important it is to THINK before you speak!

Jesse and Stacy Westfall

Jesse and Stacy Westfall

Written by Jesse Westfall. Lives in Mount Gilead, Ohio with his wife, Stacy and their three sons. Jesse is an NRHA judge and has trained horses professionally for 22 years.

Yep, that is also Jesse & his favorite horse, Lucy, pictured above in silhouette.


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The greatest journey is the journey within…written by Jesse Westfall

The Greatest Journey is the Journey Within.

The most important trait or characteristic a person or a horse can have is a good heart.

What is a good heart? The Bible says “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. So what comes out of your mouth? When you speak, do you raise others up or do you tear them down? That’s the easiest place or way to see someones heart.

I’ve only met a few people in my life who had the uncanny ability to not speak bad of people. I’m not talking about people who lift up their friends or people they like, I’m talking about people who seem to be above taking the conversation in a negative direction. Those people are FEW and far between and I am thankful to God that they are here as an example. There are plenty of people who can be kind in good times or to people they care for but when things go bad their heart seems to wilt and the true feelings or thoughts come out. So which of these people are you?

Which heart would you rather have? There is a saying “every where I go there I am” we have to live with ourselves! How do you really feel living inside there? Is it a pleasant place to be or is it a place with little joy? I heard a quote the other day that said “the greatest journey is inward” and I have to agree. The world is going to be the world we create with our thoughts and behaviors and it all starts with our self talk or what we tell ourselves. In your mind are there good thoughts going on or bad thoughts? What do you think or say to yourself or people you don’t like? Do you have compassion for them and the struggles they have in their lives or do you judge them harshly and hope for bad things to happen to them.

That is where you will find out what kind of heart you have and like the Bible says “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”!

Jesse and Stacy Westfall

Jesse and Stacy Westfall

Written by Jesse Westfall. Lives in Mount Gilead, Ohio with his wife, Stacy and their three sons. Jesse is an NRHA judge and has trained horses professionally for 22 years.


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Happy Birthday Jesse!

Today is my husband Jesses birthday (he is a little older now than in this photo, lol)


As I said in the beginning of my new book, I have learned more from him than from anyone else here on earth.


Have a Happy Birthday Jesse! (oh, yeah, beware…the boys have something planned for you after school….)


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