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Where is your attention? written by Jesse Westfall

Recently, I was out riding with a lady whose horse had its head in the air and was looking off in the distance most of the time. The problem with a horse like that is they don’t see the ground that is right in front of them and they tend to stumble when the ground in front of them drops or they trip over logs, sticks and things like that.Live with hope that your life will be better because of what you learned. Jesse Westfall

This horse made me think about people and where their attention is. I’m the kind of person that likes to live in the moment and that has advantages and disadvantages. I don’t mind if my days are spontaneous and fun but sometimes the future sneaks up on me when I should see it coming. There are other people that live so far in the future that they don’t see what might be going on right in front of them just like that horse.

The person who is worst off would be one that spends most of his time looking back with fear or regret about something that happened. It’s important in life to look back and think about your past, just don’t live there. Make sure you try to learn from your mistakes and take your new found wisdom into the future and live with hope that your life will be better because of what you learned. Written by Jesse Westfall


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My horse is literally laying down on the job, how should I deter this?

“My horse and I have been doing well in training he’s green and young but listens well and learns quickly. But his new thing is he likes to roll while I’m riding him or lunging with a saddle. He is obviously trying to get me and the saddle off his back. What is the best way to deter him of this behavior? He is literally laying down on the job.”-Starr GJesse Westfall and Lucy

Some young horses do have a desire to roll with the saddle especially if they get a little sweaty. The ‘fix’ is to ask them to do something that won’t allow them to roll such as trot. Keeping him moving and redirecting his focus should clear this up. The other thing that is nice about this approach is that you can think about asking him to trot and rewarding him for trotting which is a positive approach. If you focus on punishment to stop him then the approach feels more negative even if you are essentially doing the same correction.

My husband’s mare, Lucy, was relaxed and comfortable around him. She wasn’t scared of the pad or the saddle at all…but when she would begin to sweat she wanted to roll. She was even a bit upset when she wasn’t allowed to roll which was clear because she would swirl her head in protest when he would keep her moving. Jesse simply stayed persistent during the early ground work and first rides and eventually Lucy gave up trying to roll.

Horses are funny and I enjoy their unique responses. Although you do need to deter this for now, just think how easy it will be to teach him to lie down in the future!


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Championship vs Horsemanship written by Jesse Westfall

I’ve heard it said that the highest level of everything has a dark side. Whether you’re talking about athletics, business, government or the horse industry. The can someone be a champion and a good horseman?greed that we have as people is a sad thing to witness. To achieve something and show the world what we are is important to us and to do so leads lots of people to running over someone or something else to accomplish something. It might be winning a championship or gaining wealth. Trying to gain or achieve fame and fortune can be an ugly thing to witness.

I’m in the horse industry so that is where I see it the most. It could be someone trying to get someone else’s client to send them their horses or it could be just the general abuse of the animals in order to win. It could be a popular clinician taking a lesser known clinicians idea and putting it on their television show and claiming they came up with it. The list goes on and on. Can someone be a champion and a good horseman? I think the answer is yes but the championships won’t come as often and it’s a fine line to walk.


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When choosing a horse: pick your partner wisely. written by Jesse Westfall

Pick your partner wisely, everyone will be happier in the end.“When it comes to picking your partner……..choose wisely. It is important in life to know what your goals are. If you are the kind of person that likes to cuddle up on the couch and talk and watch movies with someone then you probably shouldn’t choose to marry someone that can’t sit still till it’s time to go to sleep. Likewise when choosing a horse to buy if you want to take a nice leisurely stroll down the trail you wouldn’t want a horse that is so hyper you can barely keep him at a walk.

When people come to me and ask how they can get their horse to slow down and relax for a trail ride and then they explain that it is an ex-contest horse, inside I shake my head and wonder why they chose this type of horse for leisurely trail riding. It’s not fair to a horse or a person to be put in a situation that they are more than likely going to fail. You wouldn’t want to buy a draft horse and then be frustrated that he can’t catch the cow running down the fence or a pony that can’t jump 5′ jumps, it’s not fair.

Make sure you know what it is you want to accomplish in life and pick your partner wisely, everyone will be happier in the end.” -Jesse Westfall


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What is the difference between a horseman and a horse trainer? Written by Jesse Westfall

“I’ve been around a lot of people that ride horses. I’ve been around people that ride reining horses, cow horses, natural horsemanship and a multitude of other disciplines. There are many people that can get a horse to do what they want. Some of them can train or teach a horse quickly and others slowly. Some use harsh methods and others use soft methods. The thing that I see that separates a horseman from a horse trainer is that the horseman allows the horse to keep his dignity and the horse still likes the horseman in the end.” -Jesse Westfall

The thing that I see that separates a horseman from a horse trainer is that the horseman allows the horse to keep his dignity and the horse still likes the horseman in the end." -Jesse Westfall


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